What is a City Pass?

A City Pass is an admission ticket to several places of interest. City Passes usually allow free entry to the most important attractions of a city: popular museums and other sights, viewpoints and walking tours. With some City Passes, you can also use public transport and Hop-on-Hop-off buses.

Such a Sightseeing Pass can be worthwhile if you are visiting a city for the first time. You’ll only need one ticket for the most important sights. With tourist pass you can often walk past the long queues that form in front of some attractions. You also save money with a City Pass, because it is cheaper than buying all the tickets individually. The more attractions you want to visit, the more a City Pass is worth purchasing.

  • One ticket for many sights

    One ticket for sights, public transport, tourist buses, walking tours …

  • Save time and money

    Save cash on entrance fees and tickets and save time by avoiding long queues.

  • Sightseeing made easy

    With a City Pass your itinerary almost creates itself.

What does CityPasses.co.uk offer?

For most popular cities there are several City Passes available. For instance, in London you have to choose between three major Sightseeing Passes. In addition, there are discount bundles and other offers for more specific interests. No two City Passes are the same. Each one offers different attractions, durations, prices and restrictions.

When you visit a company website you’ll always know what their City Pass has to offer. But some of the disadvantages of their product often become visible only after the purchase. Whether a Discount Pass is worthwhile at all, you will rarely be able to answer before your journey.

At CityPasses.co.uk we take a close look at every City Pass. For each Pass we’ll show you which attractions are included and we’ll help you figure out if the product is worth its price. Sometimes it’s cheaper to just purchase individual tickets for the sights you’d like to visit. We name the advantages as well as the disadvantages and estimate for whom the City Pass could be worthwhile.

We also compare the most important Sightseeing Passes that are available in each city. We analyse the differences between them and compare the attractions involved. Our goal is to show you which Tourist Pass is best for you. If you purchase a City Pass through our website, we’ll earn a commission. You can be assured though that the City Pass won’t be more expensive for you.