Amsterdam City Pass



What’s the Amsterdam City Pass?

The Amsterdam City Pass is a product issued by Ticketbar. It’s not a comprehensive sightseeing pass like other products are, but it’s a ticket bundle for a few attractions in Amsterdam. It includes a one-hour canal trip, an airport transfer by train and a visit to a museum (Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum). For the museums you will receive a ticket with a fixed date and time. This means you don’t have to queue at the box office on site.

There is also an extended version: City Pass Plus. This includes a visit to both museums.

In addition to these free services, this city pass gives you a 20% discount on many attractions in Amsterdam. This is the real advantage of this pass.

When you buy the Amsterdam City Pass online, you’ll receive all tickets to your smartphone or as a printout. Unlike other city passes, this one has no fixed validity, so you are not put under time pressure. Instead, you simply specify when you want to visit the museums.

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How Much is the Amsterdam City Pass?

The following table gives an overview of the prices:

What’s Included in the Amsterdam City Pass?

The Amsterdam City Pass contains only three services that you can use free of charge. In the list below you will also find the prices of the tickets, if you bought them separately:

  • Van Gogh Museum (€19.00) or Rijksmuseum (€20.00)
  • Canal trip for one hour: €14.00
  • Airport transfer by train: €9.20

In addition to the Amsterdam City Pass, Ticketbar also offers the extended version called City Pass Plus. This includes the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. With the museum tickets you can avoid the queues at the box offices.

In addition, both Amsterdam City Passes give you a 20% discount on many attractions in Amsterdam, which are available online at Ticketbar. These include important offers such as:

  • A tour of the Ajax Amsterdam stadium
  • A visit to the zoo
  • The Heineken Experience
  • Madame Tussauds
  • Hermitage Amsterdam
  • Canal House Museum
  • Rembrandt House
  • Anne Frank walking tour
  • Several sightseeing tours by bus
  • Day tours to the surroundings of Amsterdam

You can find a complete list on the Ticketbar website. You will receive the voucher code for the 20% discount by e-mail after you have purchased your Amsterdam City Pass.

Our Assessment of the Included Attractions

The Amsterdam City Pass contains only three ‘attractions’ in its basic version. The pass can only be worthwhile if you take advantage of all three attractions.

The transfer from the airport to the city is useful for travellers who arrive by plane and want to get to the city in comfort without having to buy a ticket themselves. Those who do not arrive by plane do not need to buy this city pass. Other Amsterdam passes are more useful in this case.

The Van Gogh Museum is the most visited attraction in Amsterdam. As a result, the museum is booked out one or two weeks in advance during the high season. Therefore, you need an online ticket and you also need to book the Amsterdam City Pass early if you want to visit the Van Gogh Museum.

In our opinion, the City Pass Plus is not useful because it costs €25 more and only includes one more museum, which costs only €19 or €20 when purchased separately. If you are interested in the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, you should rather buy the simple Amsterdam City Pass and one additional ticket for the second museum.

The interesting thing about the Amsterdam City Pass is the 20% discount code for attractions on the Ticketbar website. At Ticketbar you can find almost everything you could do in Amsterdam: Bus trips, boat trips, day trips, adventures and many attractions.

Validity of the Amsterdam City Pass

This city pass has no fixed validity. Instead, you choose when you arrive at the airport and the time and date when you want to visit the museum. You can make the canal cruise on any day you like.

However, you must remember that tickets for the Van Gogh Museum are not available at short notice. In high season, you should therefore buy your city pass at least one or two weeks before your trip. The earlier you do this, the more likely you are to get your desired time slot. In late autumn and winter, tickets are also available at short notice.

Is the Amsterdam City Pass Worth it?

That depends. The three services included in the pass cost only €42.20, when purchased separately. The city pass itself however costs €50.50 – thus it is more expensive than individual tickets. With the City Pass Plus the difference is even bigger.

However, the pass can still be useful, because you’ll receive a 20% discount on many attractions. That means a considerable saving! For example, the discount applies to a tour of the Johan Cruijff Stadium, a visit to the zoo, the Rembrandt House, an Anne Frank tour or the Heineken Experience. The discount applies to almost all Amsterdam attractions that can be booked on the Ticketbar website.

Amsterdam Canal Cruise

A canal trip is one of the three attractions included in the city pass.

When Isn’t the City Pass Worth it?

The pass is not worth it if you do not book any additional tickets at Ticketbar.

Either way, the City Pass Plus is not worthwhile. If you are interested in the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, you should just buy individual tickets.

If you are not travelling to Amsterdam by plane, you shouldn’t buy the city pass because you cannot use the airport transfer.

Where Can You Get the City Pass?

You can buy the Amsterdam City Pass exclusively at Ticketbar, one of the largest ticket agencies in Europe. Ticketbar not only sells the city pass, but also tickets for countless attractions in Amsterdam.

When purchasing the ticket, you enter the date you will arrive in Amsterdam. The airport transfer will be valid for this day. After you have completed the purchase, you also provide Ticketbar with your exact flight details and the dates on which you would like to visit the museum. Ticketbar will make the necessary reservations for you. You will receive the tickets later by e-mail.

You will also receive a personal discount code by email for 20% savings on the Ticketbar website.

What We Like About This Pass

 The Amsterdam City Pass concentrates on the main sights.

20% discount on several attractions, guided tours, day tours and experiences in Amsterdam.

You do not need to pick up your pass. All tickets go directly to your phone.

What We Don’t Like About This Pass

 The Amsterdam City Pass is not a real city pass. You will receive individual tickets by e-mail.

With this city pass you only save money by buying additional tickets at a 20% discount.

This pass is only relevant to visitors arriving by plane.

The City Pass Plus with two museums is not worth it. Buy a separate ticket for the second museum instead.

FAQ About the Amsterdam City Pass

No, each attraction can only be visited once with the Amsterdam City Pass. Your ticket will be validated electronically upon entry.

The Amsterdam City Pass has no fixed term. You can take advantage of each service whenever you want. You specify your preferred dates when you purchase the city pass.

Basically, yes. However, you should note that the Van Gogh Museum is often booked up to two weeks in advance. You should therefore book your city pass well in advance and indicate your preferred date for the museum.

The Amsterdam City Pass is also available at a reduced price for children. It is considerably cheaper than the pass for adults, as children and young people can visit the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum free of charge.

The Amsterdam City Pass is a product of Ticketbar. You can contact customer service by e-mail at

Alternatives to the City Pass

I Amsterdam CardI Amsterdam Card: This is the best city pass for Amsterdam. There is hardly a museum that you can not visit with this card. It also includes tickets for public transport and some exciting sights and experiences. Read more about the I Amsterdam Card.

Amsterdam PassAmsterdam Pass: This pass is also very comprehensive. It includes many Hop-on Hop-off offers as well as important museums (not Van Gogh though) and some nice experiences like the Heineken Experience or the Ajax Amsterdam stadium. The Amsterdam Pass is the most varied of all city passes.

Holland Pass: A somewhat complicated pass for the whole of Holland. However, most of the attractions are located in Amsterdam. If you know exactly what you want, the Holland Pass will definitely save you money.

Single tickets: If you do not like any Amsterdam city pass, you can also buy single tickets for the most important attractions:

Tip for the Van Gogh Museum: The museum is often fully booked one or two weeks in advance. If you are already late, you can also buy a combined ticket for the museum and canal cruise. This is available three to four days in advance.