Lisboa Card

Lisboa Card

What’s the Lisboa Card?

The Lisboa Card allows free admission to more than 40 sights and unlimited use of public transport. Furthermore, this city pass offers discounts at 80+ locations in Lisbon. These include museums, monuments and walking tours. With the Lisboa Card you get priority admission to many attractions.

You get all these benefits with just one ticket: the Lisboa Card. It is a magnetic card that is validated electronically at the participating attractions and on public transport. The Lisboa Card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours – depending on which option you choose. The validity begins with the first use of the Lisboa Card. It is personalised and therefore non-transferable.

The main benefits of this city pass are free entry to the Tower of Belém and the Jerónimos Monastery as well as unlimited use of public transport: including buses, trams, the metro, three funiculars (Glória, Lavra and Bica) and the Santa Justa lift. Trains to Sintra and Cascais are also included in the Lisboa Card.

You can buy the Lisboa Card at any tourist information office in Lisbon. You can also order it online before your trip, but you will still need to pick up the card in Lisbon. In addition to this Lisbon city pass, you will receive a handy travel guide with all the information about the participating attractions, including opening hours and travel information.

Benefits of the Lisbon City Card

  • One card for 40+ free attractions
  • Incl. Tower of Belém and Jerónimos Monastery
  • Fast track admission to many attractions
  • Unlimited use of public transport
  • Discounts at 80+ locations in Lisbon
  • Valid up to 72 hours after first use
  • Additional: Travel guide and metro map

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How Much Does the Lisbon Card Cost?

The following table gives an overview of the prices:

What’s Included in the Lisboa Card?

The following table shows all attractions included in this Lisbon city pass.

Last updated: 10/2020

Lissabon City Passes UK - Lisboa Card

To prepare your trip you can download the official travel guide, which you will also receive in paper form when you pick up your Lisboa Card. The brochure lists all services of the city pass on well over 100 pages.

Our Assessment of the Included Attractions

With the exception of the Castelo de São Jorge and the Cristo Rei statue, the Lisboa Card includes all the sights worth mentioning. Either with free entrance or at least with a discount.

For many of the attractions included, you’ll only get a discount of 10% to 20%. Among the discounted sights there are for example the Oceananium, the Zoo, the Éstadio de Luz of Benfica Lisbon, the palaces and museums in Sintra and the Hop-on Hop-off buses. These discounts are rarely attractive. Especially for the museums they are not worth it, as hardly any museum costs more than 6 Euros entrance fee.

Lisboa Card: Torre de Belém

Torre de Belém: One of the attractions that you can visit for free with the Lisboa Card

New starting in 2019: With the Lisboa Card you enjoy fast track admission to many top attractions. That means you can simply walk past the queues at the entrance. This advantage also applies to the Tower of Belém and the Jerónimos Monastery. Especially in high season this is a strong argument for the Lisboa Card, as you can save several hours of waiting time.

Some Sights are Located Outside of Lisbon

Eight sights included in the Lisboa Card are located in Sintra, a small town about 30 km from Lisbon. The Lisboa Card includes a free train ride to Sintra. However, as this city pass is limited in time, you must take into account that the journey to and sightseeing in Sintra will take one day.

Many other attractions are also located outside of Lisbon. For example, it is not clear why you should drive 120 km to Alcobaça in order to visit their monastery for free with the Lisboa Card when a regular ticket is only 6 Euros. The Lisboa Card is only worthwhile, if you concentrate on the major attractions within Lisbon.

Free Public Transport

One advantage of the Lisboa Card is the free use of the public transport system. The only exception is the ferry across the Tagus River, where the Lisboa Card is not valid. However, buses, trams and metro are included. The E28 line, popular with tourists, as well as the funiculars and the Elevador de Santa Justa are also included in the purchase price.

Public Transport with Lisboa Card

With the Lisboa Card you can use public transport as often as you’d like.

If you were to buy the tickets individually on site, you would have to pay 3,80 Euros for the funiculars and 5,30 Euros for the popular  lift. However, in the table above, we indicate the single rides with 1,35 Euros, because that is how much each ride costs if you get a Viva Viagem Card for public transport. This card is available in any subway station. Therefore, you should not overestimate the benefits of the Lisbon Card.

Validity of the Lisboa Card

There are three options: depending on which one you choose, the Lisboa Card is valid for either 24, 48 or 72 hours.

The time starts to expire the moment you use your Lisboa Card at the first attraction or on public transport. At this time, you must enter the date and time on the card. Only then is it valid.

Experience with Lisboa Card

The Lisboa Card is only valid if you enter the date of activation and your name.

If you start using the Lisboa Card right at the airport to take the metro to the city, you can enter the time immediately after picking up the magnetic card at the tourist information.

Is the Lisboa Card Worth it?

As a general rule, the longer the Lisboa Card is valid, the more worthwhile it is. The city card for 24 hours costs 20 Euros. For the 48-hour ticket it is only 17 Euros per day and for 72 hours you only pay 14 Euros per day.

You should visit between one and three free attractions per day, to make the pass worthwhile. A travel itinerary for 48 hours could look like this, for example:

Day 1

  • Tower of Belém: 6 Euros
  • Jerónimos Monastery: 10 Euros
  • Experiênca Pilar 7: 5 Euros
  • Day ticket for public transport: 6,40 Euros

On the first day you will leave the city centre for Belém to visit the tower and the Jerónimos Monastery. They are only a short walk away from each other. On the way back, get off at Ponte 25 de Abril and visit one of the bridge piers (Experiênca Pilar 7). By the way, next door is the free LX Factory.

Day 2

  • Arco da Rua Augusta: 3 Euros
  • Lisboa Story Centre: 6,50 Euros
  • Panteão Nacional: 4 Euros
  • Palacio Nacional da Ajuda: 5 Euros
  • Day ticket for public transport: 6,40 Euros

On the second day you stay in or near the city centre. The Panteão Nacional (Pantheon) in the Alfama district is a short walk away from the Lisboa Story Centre and the Arc de Triomphe. In the afternoon you can visit the popular Palacio Nacional da Ajuda.

If you would buy single tickets for these attractions, you would have to pay 52,30 Euros for them. The 48-hour Lisboa Card, on the other hand, is available for 34 Euros. Your saving is therefore 18,30 Euros. If you want to do less sightseeing, you’ll save less money but the card will probably still be worthwhile.

The Lisboa Card is not only worthwhile financially, but also in terms of time. Because at most of the free attractions you benefit from fast track admission. In high season, when there are many tourists in Lisbon, this can save you several hours of waiting time.

The Lisboa Card is Worth it

The Lisboa Card is worth more the longer it is valid and the more attractions you want to visit.

The Lisboa Card can also be worthwhile if you are planning a day trip to the surrounding area. This Lisbon city pass includes discounts of 10 to 20% from various companies. With a tour price of 80 Euros, savings of up to 16 Euros are possible. This would reimburse you for the purchase price of the Lisboa Card for one day.

Make Use of Public Transport

To make the Lisboa Card worthwhile, you should use public transport extensively. With the 72-hour city pass, you can recoup half the purchase price, because a day ticket for public transport costs 6,40 Euros.

But keep in mind: a day ticket only pays off in Lisbon after the fifth journey. Therefore, the Lisboa Card is only worthwhile if you take the bus, tram or metro several times a day. After all, the Lisboa Card (and the day ticket) already includes rides on the Elevador de Santa Justa, Electrico 28 and the funiculars.

An advantage of the Lisboa Card is that you don’t have to worry about tickets. You don’t have to go to a ticket office or vending machine, find the right tickets or think about how much money to load onto the Viva Viagem Card. The Lisboa Card is therefore very convenient if you want to use public transport.

When Isn’t the Lisboa Card Worth it?

Many museums in Lisbon are closed on Mondays. The Lisboa Card is therefore less worthwhile if your trip includes a Monday. The same is true for Sundays, as some museums offer free admission for a few hours on Sundays.

The Lisboa Card is also not worthwhile if you want to use it mainly as a public transport ticket, as a day ticket is much cheaper than the Lisboa Card.

On the other hand, the Lisbon Card is also hardly worth it if you do not want to use public transport at all. It is difficult to recoup the purchase price solely through the free attractions and discounts.

Students, Families and Senior Citizens

The Lisboa Card is not worthwhile for students and seniors over 65 years, because both groups get a discount in many attractions anyway. The discount is often greater than with the Lisboa Card – 50% is not uncommon.

Even families do not always benefit from with the Lisboa Card, because at some attractions there are family tickets for parents with at least two children. At the Torre de Belém and the Jerónimos Monastery, for example, families receive a 50% discount. Depending on the age of the child, children even get free entry to many cultural sights.

Where Can You Get the Lisboa Card?

You can buy the Lisboa Card on several websites, including our preferred platform Get Your Guide. The Lisbon city pass costs just as much there as anywhere else. However, when you buy online, you only get a voucher, which you must print out and exchange for the magnetic card in Lisbon.

The easiest way is to redeem the voucher at the airport. There is a tourist information office in the arrivals area where you can get the Lisboa Card. An alternative is the Lisboa Welcome Centre at Praça do Comércio in the city centre. At both places you can buy the Lisboa Card even if you have not booked it in advance on the internet.

There are different testimonials from travellers as to whether it is worthwhile to buy on the Internet. When picking up the magnetic card at the airport there may be waiting times – regardless of whether you already have a voucher or not. If things are particularly busy, a separate counter should be open for online shoppers, but this is apparently not always the case. In this case there would be no reason to buy the city card online. When we visited Lisbon, there was no waiting time at the airport though.

When you pick up your Lisboa Card at the tourist information office, it is not yet automatically activated. It is only activated the first time it is used at a tourist attraction or on public transport. When you use the card for the first time, you must enter the date and time for it to be valid. From that moment on the Lisboa Card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

What We Like About the Lisboa Card

 You only need one ticket for public transport, regional trains and more than 30 museums and attractions.

You can use public transport as often as you’d like. This even includes the Elevador de Santa Justa and the funiculars. Train rides to Cacais and Sintra are also included.

With the Lisboa Card you can visit many museums for free. Therefore the city card can be worthwhile for museum fans.

With the Lisboa Card you enjoy fast track admission at the most important attractions. This saves a lot of time, especially in the high season.

What We Don’t Like About It

 Even if you buy the Lisboa Card online, you must pick up your ticket in Lisbon at the airport or in the city centre. Waiting times are possible.

For many attractions, the Lisboa Card only includes discounts that are not very attractive.

Some attractions are located outside of Lisbon. To go there costs a lot of time. It’s not worthwhile using the Lisboa Card for out of town journeys.

FAQ About the Lisboa Card

No, each attraction can only be visited once with the Lisboa Card. Your ticket will be electronically validated upon admission.

After you have bought the Lisboa Card online, you can exchange the voucher for the real ticket at any time in Lisbon.

The card is only activated when you use it for the first time at an attraction or on public transport. At this point you must write the date and time on the card yourself. The card is then valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the card you have purchased.

Basically, yes. However, you should note that many museums and attractions in Lisbon are closed on Mondays. You should therefore plan your visits to museums mainly for Tuesday to Sunday.

On Sundays, many museums offer free admission, at least for a few hours. In this case the Lisboa Card is less worthwhile.

The Lisboa Card is also available for children between 4 and 15 years. They pay a reduced price. Youths 16 and older have to pay the regular price.

With small children you should consider that in many museums they get free or reduced admission anyway. Therefore the Lisboa Card might not be worthwhile.

As the Lisboa Card is issued by the local tourist office, you can contact them. There are locations at the airport and in the city centre. Addresses can be found on the official website. You can also contact the tourist office by telephone (+351 210 312 700) and by e-mail (

Yes, if you buy the Lisboa Card at Get Your Guide, you can cancel the purchase free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of your journey.

The Lisboa Card is valid for public transport within Lisbon. This includes the metro, tram and buses. All of the three funiculars and the Elevador de Santa Justa are also included.

An exception are the ferries across the river Tejo. The Lisboa Card is not valid for these.

You can also use the CP trains to Cascais and Sintra with this city pass.

Alternatives to the Lisbon Card

If the Lisboa Card is not worthwhile for you, you will have to resort to single tickets, as there are no other city passes for Lisbon at this time. You can buy single tickets for different means of transport and for some sights online or on site in Lisbon:

Tickets for Tourist Buses and Public Transport

Viva Viagem for public transport: If you want to use public transport more than once, buy a Viva Viagem Card. You can get it for 0,50 Euros from the ticket vending machines in any metro station. Top up this card for either single rides (1,50 Euros), 24-hour tickets (6,40 Euros) or an unspecified number of rides (1,35 Euros per ride). If you only take the bus or tram once, it is best to buy a ticket on board. This is far more expensive, but the most convenient way (see current prices).

Airport transfer by Aerobus: From the airport to the city centre you can either take the metro or Aerobus. The bus leaves every 20 minutes and takes between 30 and 40 minutes to the final stop, depending on traffic. A ticket for two rides costs only 5,40 Euros if you buy it in advance on the Internet. However, you have to print it out.

Hop-on Hop-off bus: Three companies operate Hop-on Hop-off buses in Lisbon. The most frequently used buses are City Sightseeing Portugal (2 lines) and Yellowbus (3 lines). Yellowbus even offers trams and boats with the Hop-on Hop-off concept. You can book tickets in advance on the Internet and bring them printed out to Lisbon.