London City Passes

What’s a London City Pass?

A London City Pass is your ticket to many attractions, including major landmarks, Hop-on Hop-off buses, Thames river cruises, walking tours and more. Most London City Passes include top attractions such as the London Eye, Tower of London, The View from the Shard and Madame Tussauds.

With a London City Pass, you can take advantage of many of these offers without having to buy additional tickets. The cheapest City Pass costs just £49.00. The most expensive one costs £189.00. But price is not the only important criterion. What matters is what you get for it. Basically, the more expensive a London City Pass is, the more attractions you can visit for free.

The decisive factor for the price of a City Pass is often the validity. With some passes you have only one day to visit as many sights as you’d like – with others however, you’ve got up to 60 days. Even if the price is higher with a longer validity, the more time you spend in London, the more worthwhile a City Pass is.

There are currently four major passes for the city of London. They are all available on the Internet and unlike in other major cities, you don’t have to pick up your London City Pass in the city, you can use it digitally on your smartphone.

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When Is a London City Pass Worthwhile?

  • When You’re in London for the first time

    Since London City Passes include the most famous attractions in London, they are most rewarding for first-time travellers to London. Those who are in the city for the second or third time probably already know many of these sights and are interested in other offers. Indeed, some City Passes also contain more special attractions, but these often do not justify the purchase price for a City Pass.

  • When you’d like to do intensive sightseeing

    For most London visitors, a City Pass will only be worthwhile if they are prepared to visit many sights in a short time. This can be exhausting, but a City Pass can save you a lot of money if you do intensive sightseeing. You should visit two to three major attractions a day. If you want to slow down, you should take a closer look at the Flexi Attraction Passes.

  • When you spend several days in London

    There are City Passes that are only valid for one or two days – but those are hardly worth it. The longer a London City Pass is valid, the cheaper it is per day and the more worthwhile a purchase. Those who stay at least four or five days in London have a good chance of saving money with a City Pass. Those who stay a week or longer and regularly visit sights cannot help but save money with such a pass.

  • When you travel unprepared

    A London City Pass can be worthwhile if you want to visit many attractions but don’t have time to plan your trip thoroughly. A City Pass will tell you what you should see and can’t see, and most City Pass packages include a small travel guide with information on the attractions indluded, as well as street maps and metro and bus maps.

  • When you don’t want to buy single tickets

    Savings aren’t necessarily the only argument for a City Pass. Some travelers appreciate the convenience of a City Pass. Instead of buying many individual tickets, a city card already includes tickets for several sights as well as tickets for a Hop-on Hop-off bus, for river cruises and sometimes even for public transport.

All London City Passes at a glance

In the following section we briefly introduce the four most important tourist cards for London.

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