London Explorer Pass

What is the London Explorer Pass?

The London Explorer Pass is a ticket for the most important sights in London. There are 48 attractions to choose from. You can visit 2, 3, 5 or 7 of them.

The purchase price of the London Explorer Pass is cheaper than buying single tickets for each attraction. With the 7 Attractions Pass, you pay only £18 per attraction, while a ticket for London Dungeon alone costs up to £30.00 even at a low online booking price. The Explorer Pass is a great way to save money!

It also allows you to plan your trip to London with little effort. You choose up to 7 out of 48 attractions and decide when and in what order to visit them.

You can buy the London Explorer Pass on the Internet and then download it to your smartphone using an app. Just show your mobile ticket at the included attractions to get free admission.

In addition to the pass, you will receive a small travel guide with information on all attractions as well as maps for the subway, buses and hop-on hop-off buses. You can access the guide online now. All information can also be found in the London Explorer Pass App. You can download it from the App Store, even if you haven’t bought the pass yet.

Benefits of the London Explorer Pass

  • Choose from 48 of London’s top attractions
  • Visit 2, 3, 5 or 7 or sights without buying tickets
  • Download the pass to your smartphone
  • Use the offers within 60 days
  • Additional: travel guide, city map and subway map

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How Much is the London Explorer Pass?

The following table gives an overview of the prices:

Tip: The above mentioned prices are the regular prices. The company Go City occasionally offers discounts, so you may get the London Explorer Pass at a lower price.

What’s Included in the Explorer Pass?

The following table shows all attractions included in the London Explorer Pass. You can choose 2, 3, 5 or 7 of them.

Last updated: 08/2020

London City Passes (UK) - London Explorer Pass

Attention: The prices listed in the table are online prices for purchases made at least 24 hours in advance. At most London attractions, tickets purchased online are cheaper than “walkup” tickets available at ticket counters. For example: A ticket for London Dungeon costs £30.00 on the spot. If you buy it online, it costs between £24.00 and £30.00 depending on how long in advance you buy it. The London Explorer Pass advertises the more expensive cash prices, but in order to really judge the value of the pass, you need to compare the purchase price of the Explorer Pass with the online prices of the attractions.

Our Assessment of the Included Attractions

The choice of sights is very good. Many of the important attractions are included in the London Explorer Pass. Only a few highlights are missing: Tower of London, The View from the Shard, Madame Tussauds and the London Eye. If you are interested in these sights, you will need to purchase additional tickets.

London Tower Bridge

London Tower Bridge: Only one of the top attractions included in the London Explorer Pass.

Buyers of the Explorer Pass should note that there are some attractions included that are too cheap to be worth using the pass for. The 7 Attractions Pass is only worth buying for attractions that cost at least £18.00. However, some attractions are cheaper, such as the London Tower Bridge exhibition, the Royal Albert Hall tour and the museum ship Cutty Sark.

Unfortunately, the London Explorer Pass contains some gap fillers that only inflate the range of services. These are mainly a number of museums for which tickets are very cheap or even free of charge.

Attention: The Explorer Pass does not include public transport.

Validity of the Explorer Pass

After purchasing the London Explorer Pass, you have 12 months to activate it. This happens when you have the pass scanned at the first attraction. Then the Explorer Pass is valid for 60 days. For any city pass this is very long. The validity should be sufficient for most London visitors.

Is the London Explorer Pass Worth it?

The London Explorer Pass includes many important sights of London. Therefore it is best suited for visitors who are in London for the first time or who want to visit the big attractions again after a long time.

In addition, the Explorer Pass is most worthwhile if you have a lot of time – for example four to seven days. The pass is designed for visitors who travel at a leisurely pace, because it is valid for 60 days. Thus, you don’t have to use it daily, but you can take a break in between or visit additional attractions that are not included in the Explorer Pass.

You’ll need some time to visit the main attractions, because with the Explorer Pass you have to queue like any other visitor. You will then receive a free ticket, but sometimes you won’t be able to enter immediately, but you will be assigned a time slot. Sometimes the next available time slot is a few hours later.

Big Ben in London

You get the best value for money with the 7 Attractions Pass. The pass is worth it for most of the attractions included.

The best value for money is offered by the London Explorer Pass when you buy the 7 Attractions Pass. The average price per attraction is as follows:

  • 2 Attractions Pass: £24.50 per attraction
  • 3 Attractions Pass: £23.00 per attraction
  • 5 Attractions Pass: £20.80 per attraction
  • 7 Attractions Pass: £18.00 per attraction

Only 13 of the 48 attractions included in the Explorer Pass cost more than £18.00 on a single purchase, which would save you money. The more expensive the attractions you choose, the more money you’ll save.

The London Explorer Pass is worthwhile if you want to visit London’s main attractions, have plenty of time and choose the 7 Attractions Pass. In addition, your preferred sights should cost more than the Explorer Pass costs per attraction.

When Isn’t the Explorer Pass Worth it?

On the other hand, the London Explorer Pass is less worthwhile if you are not in London for the first time and have therefore already visited many top attractions.

It is also hardly worth it if you don’t spend much time in London. Many attractions require you to queue up with the pass – this can sometimes take hours. If you have only two or three days in London, you will hardly be able to visit the most important sights. In this case you wouldn’t be able to benefit from one of the Explorer Pass’s biggest advantages: its long validity.

Unfortunately, the Explorer Pass is not worthwhile for 25 of the 48 attractions, as they cost less than £18 when purchased individually. Before you buy, make sure that the attractions you want to visit cost more than the price per attraction of the London Explorer Pass!

London Explorer Pass loses compared to ticket bundles

For some sights there are very interesting ticket bundles available. If you buy them together, you can save a lot of money. The biggest discounts are for the following five attractions:

  • London Eye
  • Madame Tussauds
  • London Dungeon
  • Shrek’s Adventure
  • SEA LIFE Aquarium

The single tickets cost more than £130.00 on the internet, but as a bundle they cost only £70.00 and are therefore much cheaper than the London Explorer Pass with 5 attractions (£104.00). If you are mainly interested in these attractions, you should definitely buy the 5-in-1 Combo Pass (also known as Merlin’s Magical London Pass).

Other ticket bundles are available at Discount London. Depending on what you want to see in London, these discounted tickets can also be an alternative to the London Explorer Pass.

Where Can You Get the Explorer Pass?

You can buy the London Explorer Pass online at After the purchase you’ll receive the Explorer Pass digitally. Just download the free Go City App from any App Store and save your London Explorer Pass to the app. When in London, show your digital pass at any participating attraction.

You can even download the app before you buy your city pass. In the app you’ll find information about all included sights (including addresses and opening hours), street maps with the marked attractions, subway maps, and much more.

London Explorer Pass App

What We Like About the Explorer Pass

 The benefits of the Explorer Pass are very easy to understand compared to other city passes. It is easy to calculate your savings compared to single tickets.

The London Explorer Pass includes many important sights.

You have 60 days to use the services of this city pass. This is an exceptionally long validity.

You can download the Explorer Pass to your smartphone.  So you don’t have to pick it up in London.

You can cancel your Explorer Pass free of charge up to 30 days after purchase.

What We Don’t Like About the Explorer Pass

 With the London Explorer Pass you don’t save any time. You must queue with all other visitors and pick up your free ticket. Waiting times can be up to several hours.

Savings with the Explorer Pass are not as high as the company indicates. If you buy single tickets on the Internet, you will benefit from lower online prices. Nevertheless, you can save money with this city pass.

Not every attraction is worthwhile with the London Explorer Pass. In order for the pass to pay off, you should visit the most expensive attractions.

For some attractions there are cheaper ticket bundles available. If you want to visit these sights in particular, the Explorer Pass will not be worth it.

FAQ About the London Explorer Pass

No, each attraction can only be visited once with the London Explorer Pass. Your ticket will be electronically validated upon admission.

After you have purchased the Explorer Pass on the Internet, you have 12 months to activate the Pass. The pass is valid for 60 days from the date of activation.

Basically, yes. Most sights are open almost every day. Only during the Christmas season you have to reckon with restrictions.

Note, however, that many attractions close in the late afternoon. The opening hours and sometimes long waiting times should be taken into account when planning your trip.

The London Explorer Pass is available for children between 5 and 15 years of age. They pay a reduced price. Visitors from age 16 must pay the regular price. Children under 5 do not need their own pass. Admission is free in many places of interest.

If you have any questions, please contact the publisher of the London Explorer Pass. You can find information about the pass on the official website. You can contact customer support by email at, by telephone: +44 20 7160 6863 or WhatsApp: +44 7827530808.

When you purchase your London Explorer Pass on the official website, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. Please email for up to 30 days after purchase.

Alternatives to the Explorer Pass

The London Explorer Pass isn’t worth it for you? For most attractions in London you can buy single tickets on the internet and – if necessary – reserve a time slot. A pre-purchased ticket often saves you long waiting times, which can extend over several hours in the high season for popular attractions:

Ticket bundles can be a good alternative to single tickets and city passes. One of the most popular bundles is Merlin’s Magical London 5-in-1 Pass, which allows you to visit Madame Tussauds, London Eye, London Dungeon, Shrek’s Adventure and SEA LIFE Aquarium for just £70.00.

Other discounted ticket bundles are available at Discount London.

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